Support Israel’s Heartland on Sunday 17th February in Dublin!

IIA - Support Israel's Heartland on Sunday 17th February in Dublin!

Two Key Events Taking Place on Sunday 17th February!

Come Along to our Fun and Informative Street Stall

We are delighted that Nati Rom will be joining us all the way from Israel. Nati is the Director of Lev Haolam, an Israeli organisation that supports individuals, communities and businesses from the ancient Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria. These communities produce a range of products such as olive oil, soaps, jewellery, wine etc., which Lev Haolam market and sell online throughout the world.

Nati will have samples of the above products to hand out. Remember, these same products would be deemed ILLEGAL should the “Occupied Territories” Bill become law in Ireland. These same products could soon land an Irish citizen with a substantial fine or a prison sentence.

We will also be joined on the day by Harry Saul Markham, Acting National Director to Herut UK.

There will also be literature available that will debunk the various myths and lies spread about Israel, as well as some great Israeli music. So please do drop by and support us!

Evening Talk with Nati Rom and Harry Saul Markham: How To Get More Actively Involved

Nati Rom will give a talk on how you can get actively involved with helping small businesses and communities in Judea and Samaria. This is now more important than ever, given the Bill that is currently sitting before the Irish Parliament. Harry Saul Markham will speak on the importance of Israel’s supporters becoming more actively involved and how we can make pro-Israel activism more appealing.

Please put this important date in your diary now. Israel Action Day 17th February!

Thank you and best regards

by Jackie Goodall

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