The Ireland Israel Alliance (IIA) is a grassroots, non-profit organisation based in Dublin, Ireland. The aim of the IIA is to bring clarity to public perception of issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and to ensure such issues receive fair and impartial treatment within the Irish media. We engage with supporters and organisations from both secular and religious backgrounds across the political spectrum. We seek to engage with the Government of Ireland, the political parties, public interest groups, schools, colleges and other educational establishments. We also use social media to engage with and inform the wider public about such issues. 

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Tomorrow night (Friday) marks the start of the Jewish New Year. This video takes a look at the life saving work of Israel’s national emergency service, Magen David Adom @Mdais over the last year👇


“When Palestinians urged the Arab League to condemn the new Emirati agreement, the organization instead noted that individual Arab states are entitled to make their own sovereign decisions on such matters—a far cry from its dramatic opposition to the Camp David Accords in 1979.” https://twitter.com/davidmakovsky/status/1306398691197104130

David Makovsky@DavidMakovsky

See my latest on how the Abraham Accords look forward, the text of the agreements, and how they compare to Israel's treaties with Egypt and Jordan


BDS Brought to its Knees: How Arab Peace Treaties Crush the Anti-Israel Movement | United With Israel

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