Israel won the Eurovision: People chose the Chosen People

Israel came second in the people’s vote. At some point, Israel was even on top to the disgust of the establishment and the crowds that blindly believe that they represent the rebellion when in fact they are not only slaves but soldiers of the system.

Unfortunately, the first place was taken by the Swiss singer (who had just the right credentials to lift the trophy, but wasn’t strong enough to hold it properly with his hands!), but Israel ended up as the nation with the largest “positive difference” between jury and people’s votes. Which is an achievement in itself.

Not to mention the unprecedented and heavy antagonism prior to and during the ceremony towards Eden Golan. In a way, the Israeli song is the winner of the Eurovision.

Eden Golan: The People’s Winner at Eurovision 2024
Eden Golan: The People’s Winner at Eurovision 2024

The Victory Of The People Against The Elites

I know that Croatia beat Israel when it comes to people’s votes. Personally, I found the Balkan performance outstanding. The country juries also had to recognize it. But they were embarrassed to do so with Israel.

It’s a taboo. You can’t publicly give compliments to Israel. Or to Trump. Or to any of those blacklisted by the intelligentsia. So people are forced to vote in the secrecy of a text message or a ballot paper. A wrong choice can cost their reputation, in certain cases their income.

I doubt that the votes for Israel came primarily from the Jewish diaspora. I truly think that discontent with the current state of things routed a substantial number of individuals to give points to Israel as a protest.

Obviously, the festival should not go that way. In an ideal world, the score would be given with no other purpose than to recognise the singers’ skills. But we live in an era where abilities were substituted by plastic sympathy for the so-called historically oppressed. Which ironically made a Swiss person a champion!

Was it wrong for the activists to favour Israel for factors outside of music? Well, that’s the nature of Eurovision, isn’t it? You started it, antisemites.

Antisemitism Challenged

I’d also say that antisemitism was brutally challenged on Saturday night. We all heard the boos, we all saw the Gretas, we all laughed at Bambie’s crocodile tears, but the people showed up and supported Israel in great numbers.

And numbers are all that will prevail. Although the Portuguese participant (not sure if she qualifies for the word singer, sorry) said that at the end of her performance that “peace will prevail”, in the future these kinds of political comments will be nothing but sidenotes.

A slideshow of the winners and the final table is all that history will care about. The country’s flag and the name of the victors can certainly find space in the records, but the rest is just dust.

A Barometer Of Common Sense

The world reaction to the 7th of October was a triage for me. Meaning, I noticed that there are certainly individuals that I may at times be on the same page with as opposed to others whom I would consider to be my crew. The latter consists of the bright and bold minds of Jordan Peterson or Douglas Murray.

People were no less bright and bold when they voted massively for Israel. They may not have the ability to step up bravely for Jews in daily life due to the social repercussions, but they haven’t hesitated to raise their voice from the silence of their homes.

The Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho used to say that the Average Joe is the real saviour of civilisation. Not the academics, not the cultural agents, in fact the battle for common sense is against these two.

Hope And Optimism

Some may call me naïve, but I am entirely optimistic and have real hopes in humanity after seeing the world making a stand for Israel in the current hostile climate.

I reckon that there is more to that than just Zionism. Surely, a good part of the voters were folks who have been neglected by the elites in the name of a fair, equal, and green world. 

People are giving up on the global promised land and they are turning to stuff that matters, to facts and truth, paying attention to their fellows and neighbours’ needs. The great regeneration may well be underway.

By Vitor Vicente.

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