Ireland Looks to Reward Palestinian Terrorism with a State

Following the worst loss of Jewish life since the Holocaust in the massacre of October 7th, Ireland’s new Taoiseach, Simon Harris, has started as he means to go on: rewarding Palestinian terrorism. The Ireland-Israel Alliance (IIA) opposes the proposed unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State, and criticises the lame lip service offered to the families of Israeli hostages by the new Fine Gael Leader.

Founder and Executive Director of the IIA, Jackie Goodall, stated:It is now 6 months since the horrors of October 7th, and our political leaders have decided the reward for Palestinian terrorism should be a State. At the same time that the government parties have stated that the diplomatic representative of the Jewish State is not welcome at their party conferences out of all Ambassadors, the new Taoiseach has sought to lead the charge on Ireland recognising a Palestinian State and lobbying other EU member states to follow suit. The message from our political class is clear: the reward for Hamas terrorism and the punishment for Israel’s self-defence should be a Palestinian State. Indeed, the Taoiseach could not even afford a full sentence of his remarks at the Ard Fheis to the innocents still brutally being held captive in Gaza.

With the imminent threat of Iranian attacks on Israel’s diplomatic consuls and a recent security incident targeting the embassy in Ireland, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have decided to fan the flames and cross the picket line to join the voices of hate and violence in our society. This marks a persistent pattern in the Irish political response to October 7th, from UNWRA’s links with Hamas, to saying Irish-Israeli citizen Emily Hand had been ‘lost and found’, to ongoing efforts by the IDF to rescue the hostages, demonise Israel, and deny Palestinian responsibility for their own terrorism. This latest escalation is not the end, and there will undoubtedly be further provocations to come – until sense returns, or the cord linking Dublin and Jerusalem is finally severed.

Since the first news of the massacre of Israeli civilians, security forces, and some 70 foreign nationals broke, in addition to the ongoing, horrific situation with the hostages still held in Gaza, several of whom are babies, their families and loved ones not knowing if they are dead or alive – Ireland’s political leaders have tarnished our reputation on the international stage.

“Synagogues in this country have had to implement additional security measures in response to the outpouring of antisemitism, with many Jews and Israelis in Ireland fearful of publicly showing signs of their identity for fear of attack. Quite simply, where is the voice of reason? Where is the voice of moderation in Irish politics – who will raise the plight of the hostages, who will challenge the rise in antisemitism, who will refuse to support Palestinian terror? Simon Harris and Micheal Martin are determined to even censor the voice of the Jewish State, lest the voice of the Jewish State be heard…”

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