Israel Support Rally in Dublin

Thank You to everyone who turned out to support our Israel Rally on Sunday. It was really heartwarming to see so many groups and individuals represented, from all sectors of Irish society.

Stand For Israel

Lots of people mentioned it was a relief to be able to get together and speak out publicly, especially after the vile debacle that took place within Dáil Éireann last week, when the Irish government decided to stand with the likes of Iran and Turkey, rather than the only democracy in the Middle East: Israel.

The Irish Christian Friends of Israel held a prayer rally immediately prior to the event.

Apart from a couple of disturbances, which the gardaí death with extremely swiftly, the rally went ahead very peacefully.

See below for an introduction to our speakers, together with a collection of great photos and videos of the speeches.

Check out pictures from the event

thank you all for supporting

Videos from the rally event

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